Experience is the new reality: a provocative look into the future monetization of collaboration

In response to a Facebook discussion where my friend Liz complained about the service at a particular USPS office, we mused about going “postal” in a virtual world. Another friend Judy suggested this video:

I think it is interesting how some envision the future. To be honest, I think parts of this idea are alive today. At time index 3:07 and following, it discusses how static information will be replaced by knowledge flow. I rather see twitter and Facebook as large flows you can join and float in.

You choose your friends, interest areas and communities. In a sense the “prosumer” is a reality today. We tune into channels we are interested in. As we float along in the streams, we sometimes pause to consider some of the larger objects floating along with us while ignoring the flotsam and jetsam.

On my recent trip to China I saw the movie “Surrogates” (trailer). It provides alternate view to the future conceived at time index 3:44 where all the senses are replicated in SecondLife. While it is interesting to consider that we (or the electronics we invent) will evolve to the point of having a spirit (time index 4:20) and that innovation will be gobbled up by some few megalopolies, I hope we will always have our own spirits to envision more and to create more value.

I like the idea that we may be able to enjoy new experiences in new ways. However, I prefer the thought of sitting around the old campfire trading (and creating) memories to trading them on some transport mechanism (time index 4:30).

I prefer to alter the tag line (Luddite that I am) to: Experience Reality

Dive right in.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Experience is the new reality: a provocative look into the future monetization of collaboration

  1. Interesting video…still gathering my thoughts and reactions, my sense…I don’t like this future world at all…what happened to our using our own imaginations? The trouble with the internet and all of the prosumers out there is that instead of all the news that’s fit to print…we now get everything someone (anyone) wants to post…so much junk,,,so much stuff that’s not true, half true…edited, digitally modified, just plain junk (the flotsam as you put it). Becoming harder to find the “big stuff” floating in the stream as there’s so much flotsam and jetsam. It is becoming almost impossible to discern truth from fiction, fact from doctored info. I think I rather like the old world, then again, I’m a product of that old world and was always looking over my shoulder for the copyright police when I made a pirated copy of a page of a book.


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